A World History of Photography: Rosenblum

A World History of Photography: Rosenblum

This book is my basic reference. I couldn’t live without it. Not only is it interesting, but it is a good general history that everyone should be aware of. And when I have questions or don’t recognize a name everyone seems to, I come back and look names and eras up. Originally I read it from start to finish and enjoyed every minute of it, but now it serves as a reference. I donated over 285 books to the University of Colorado, but this was one of three books I kept.

It begins with the first discoveries in photography and breaks history up into eras and how they evolved around the world. Lots and lots of images and even my favorite Clearing Winter Storm by Adams. She even covers contemporary work, but I have the first edition published in 1984 and the publication is in its fourth edition.

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