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Stephany-Heimann Reviewing Peter-Blakely

Stephanie Heimann Reviewing Peter-Blakely

Stephanie Heimann is reviewing Peter-Blakely’s images from his Facing Ukushima series at Fotofest 2012. It has more of an interview feel.

Stephanie Heimann is co-Director and founder of Fovea, and longtime photography editor. Her most recent position is photo editor for Al Gore, as part of the team producing his iPad book, well as the physical book “Our Choice” which is the twin companion to “Inconvenient Truth”. In New York, she has worked at many national & international magazines including Newsweek, Fortune Small Business, Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, New York Magazine, Scientific American and more. She spent 8 years living as an expatriate in Hong Kong and Moscow, where she worked as a photojournalist and photo editor, covering post-Soviet culture and the first war in Chechnya.

Peter Blakely is an American photographer currently based in Tokyo. As a photojournalist, he has covered conflicts in Chechnya, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Kosovo. Peter was one of the first Western photojournalists on the streets of Kabul after the fall of the Taliban. Peter’s work has been published in many magazines worldwide, including Time, Newsweek, Forbes, BusinessWeek, New York Times, Fortune, Paris Match, Der Spiegel, Sunday Telegraph, New York Times Magazine, and National Geographic. He is represented by Redux photo agency.

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