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Talks differ from interviews in that there is no control of staging, lighting or content. They are filmed in real time and in existing light. The photographer or speaker presents his presentation and I record it without direction. Whereas in an interview, I direct, ask questions in an off-camera role and light the subject with lights in a professional manner. Then in editing, I edit my questions out and allow the guest to tell their story, but the result is influenced by my direction. In contrast, talks are captured without any influences and utlize existing light and often in a dark room with only the indirect light from the projected image on the screen providing some minor luminance on the speaker. The speaker’s colorization changes with that of each slide projected.

Loretta Young-Gautier developed an early fascination with Surrealism and has been inspired by the works of Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Giorgio de Chirico and Remedios Varo. After working with Jerry Uelsmann, Loretta began crafting her work with multiple exposures, negative sandwiching, combination printing and other techniques, both the camera and the darkroom and more recently digital manipulation. Sometimes taking weeks to create a single image, her work is produced in a limited edition of hand-printed archival silver gelatin prints and/or carbon-pigment inkjet prints. Loretta Young-Gautier has been shown in numerous group and solo shows and is part of private, corporate and museum collections nationwide. Her images have appeared in Photo Review, Icon, Masterpiece Magazine, The Photographers Market and Passion Press. Loretta was formerly associate director of The Camera Obscura Gallery in Denver. Recorded 2014

Brenda Biondo talks about her nostalgic playground-equipment images which have been exhibited in shows throughout the country and published in numerous print and online publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Denver Post and Lenscratch. Brenda’s book, Once Upon a Playground, was published by the University Press of New England in May 2014.

Karen Kirkpatrick has been a long time film still photographer and lately has transitioned into incorporating the digital workflow into her photographic tools. She has a BFA from the University of Colorado, Denver, and is a member of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center, the Center for Fine Art Photography, in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Society for Photographic Education, the Greater Castle Rock Art Guild, and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Bonny Pierce Lhotka leverages her training as a traditional painter and printmaker to bring innovations and new inventions that combine the best of many years of alternative photography and printmaking techniques with modern technology to create unique works of art and photography. After years of experimentation and development her new processes allow alternative photographers, traditional printmakers, and 21st century digital artists to express their creative voice in ways never before possible. She shares the techniques she has developed in two best selling books: Digital Alchemy and The Last Layer published by New Riders Voices That Matter. Her work is shown and collected internationally and appears in numerous books and articles featuring experimental media. Her art is in the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Albuquerque Art Museum. She is the recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award.

Bobbi Walker will share a tattered postcard she saved of an exhibit 25 years ago featuring Todd Murphy. Murphy’s website describes his work as having ”underlying artistic themes of metamorphosis, allusion, and life in the moment”. Her talk will include incites into her imagination and the discipline it’s taken to keep a small business afloat since opening in 2002, as well as her secrets for keeping the passion alive. Bobbi Walker’s gallery which is located just four blocks from the Denver Art Museum in a “captivating, Golden Triangle loft-style space.” Walker’s themed exhibitions show an emphasis on sculpture, mixed media, and experimental photography from regional, national and international mid-career artists. Visit Bobbi’s website at www.walkerfineart.com

A great talk on what photographers need to know about copyrights. Taped winter 2013

This video is actually an audio recording with slow picture scans of a lecture given by Greg Cradick at Redline in Denver on philosophical concepts of art and fine-art photography. Audio is overlaid with slow pans of photography shot at the lecture site and other contemporary and historical photos.

This is a talk on contemporary fine-art-photography by Greg Cradick at the museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado. This talk was one of the former Working With Artists’ projects and now merged with the Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Lakewood, Colorado.

Creative Conversations and Photographic Experiments with Greg Cradick is a monthly series of workshops and talks at CPAC Gallery beginning November 5, 2013. These are long programs and broken up into shorter parts and shot as is without lighting.. in some cases only with a camera mic.

The first of the series is focuses on CRITIQUE… the best way to learn photography is to have your work critiqued and to critique others. We will discuss different methods of critiquing: analytical description, interpretation, aesthetically evaluative, etc. I will share with you my 25 questions that I ask every artwork I see, as well as demonstrate the “best” method for viewing an artwork so that you can bare witness to how they make you feel instead of relying on solely on your eyes. This first segment is over one and a half hours and only a camera mic was used for audio.

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