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Original Photo-Talk Programing

The Original Photo-Talk Series

In 1993 Photo-Talk began showcasing photographers and their work on a weekly basis on DCTV channel 58 in Denver, Colorado. It offered a platform for photographers to share their photography, their back-stories and talk about their work or the medium in general to an audience. Read More

The original series had a half-hour talk show format with it’s host/producer, Kent Gunnufson, interviewing a single guest for each show. Later on the programming evolved to where the photographer was documented without a host. In the clip to the right Kent introduces the original intent of Photo-Talk programming in 1993.

Al Weber

Al Weber is a world class fine-art photographer and educator that prides himself as a commercial photographer. He taught with Ansel Adams at the Yosemite photography workshops and had his own photography school in Victor, Colorado. He talks about his life in photography and what it means to him. Interview in 1993.

Robert Glenn Ketchum

For decades Robert Glenn Ketchum images and publications have been accepted by fine-art world while collecting a multitude of awards for his efforts in addressing environmental issues. Learn about his beginnings shooting bands in lA and then later becoming inspired by nature while living in Sun Valley Idaho to start making a difference with conservation photography. Interview in 1993.

James Balog

James is a renowned conservation photographer but jokes about his overnight success with the publishing of Survivors: A New Vision of Endangered Wildlife (1990). While the world saw him as an instant new star, James talks about the life long pursuit of and risks in photography that got him there. Interview in 1993.

Cole Weston

Cole Weston talks about his work and insights to his legendary father, Edward, in a half-hour interview at his home in Carmel, California. His brother Brett, also a legendary photographer, gave him his first camera. His father passed along the color film that Kodak gave him as a promotion. The results were that Brett became a legendary color photographer and worked for Life Magazine. Edward asked Cole to help him print his life’s work and he consented. Cole continued doing that long after Edward’s passing until he died himself in 2003. Interview in 1994.

Hal Gould

Hal Gould was one of the world’s early pioneers in establishing fine-art photography in galleries in the early 70’s. He talks about how the big name galleries on each coast called him at their beginning to ask for advice on starting up their photography galleries. His gallery, Camera Obscura, was the oldest fine-art photography studio in the world until it closed in 2012. Interview in 1993.

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