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Original Photo-Talk Programing3

The Original Photo-Talk Series cont.

Robert Glenn Ketchum prt II

Second part of a two part interview. For decades Robert Glenn Ketchum images and publications have been accepted by fine-art world while collecting a multitude of awards for his efforts in addressing environmental issues. Learn about his beginnings shooting bands in lA and then later becoming inspired by nature while living in Sun Valley Idaho to start making a difference with conservation photography. Interview in 1993.

George Hager

George shoots wildlife, landscapes and especially likes closer shots he describes as “details.” He lives from his print sales and his work hangs in collections the world over including numerous galleries and exhibitions. His images are continually published in books, magazines and calendars such as Sierra Club and Audubon. Interview in 1993.

Peter Le Grand

Peter Le Grand has been exhibited in museums and photography galleries as well as published in numerous magazines. He is a tenured professor of photography at Columbia College – Chicago, where he teaches courses on lighting, fashion and the nude. He works primarily in infrared b&w imagery in both his nudes and his extensive work on Victor, Colorado. Interview in 1993.

Rod Walker

Rod Walker is an environmental product photographer known for his ski photography. Learn how he worked his way up from photographing tourists to heading the photography department at the Winter Park Ski area marketing department and operating his own studio serving major outdoor equipment companies. Interview 1993.

Trish Sangelo

Trish Sangelo has a masters in fine-art and teaches photography and how-to market fine-art at Arapahoe Community College. Trish attempts to explain her very complex underlying concepts of her work to host Kent Gunnufson on Photo-Talk. Interview in 1993.

Taimur Mahmood

Taimur Mahmood moved to the US from Pakastan at the age of 6 when his father died. Family expectations where that he work in corporate America back East. Taimur has an independent mind and he came West to work at Vail as a waiter. His passion for natural landscapes has taken him all over North America’s mountain regions and working as a waiter facilitates that goal. Interview in 1993

Cherry Creek Art Festival

Join Kent Gunnufson as he tours the 1994 Cherry Creek Art Festival. Art with an exciting carnival atmosphere along with art vendors, food merchants and performing arts. Along the streets are artist’s tents with wares they have brought from all over the US. Meet and talk with photographers following the art circuit as a means to sell their images. Then Deny Dent performs his “two fisted art attach”, ie. paints a huge portrait solely during a single song by the Colorado Sympathy. 1994

David Hiser

David Hiser is a Colorado Aspenite that started shooting for National Geographic in the mid-sixties. He’s the one that ended up in a cage in the Arctic shooting Polar Bears inches away with only the thought of wishing he had a wider lens to get a better shot. He tells his story of how he got involved with National Geographic and what his life is like traveling the world shooting pictures. Interview 1994.

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