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Talks on Photography

Bonny Pierce Lhotka at CPAC

Bonny Pierce Lhotka talks at the Colorado Photographic Art Center. Bonny leverages her training as a traditional painter and print maker to bring innovations and new inventions that combine the best of many years of alternative photography and printmaking techniques with modern technology to create unique works of art and photography. After years of experimentation and development her new processes allow alternative photographers, traditional print makers, and 21st century digital artists to express their creative voice in ways never before possible. She shares the techniques she has developed in two best selling books: Digital Alchemy and The Last Layer published by New Riders Voices That Matter. Her work is shown and collected internationally and appears in numerous books and articles featuring experimental media. Her art is in the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Albuquerque Art Museum. She is the recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award.Recorded in the winter of 2014.


Greg Cradick at Redline

Working With Artists received a grant for a series of talks on photography at several of Denver”s top museums and galleries. The first was actually documented as an audio recording with slow picture scans of a lecture given by Greg Cradick at Redline in Denver on philosophical concepts of art and fine-art photography. Audio is overlaid with slow pans of photography shot at the lecture site and other contemporary and historical photos.


Greg Cradick at Museum of Contemporary Art

This is a talk on contemporary fine-art-photography by Greg Cradick at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado. This talk was one of the former Working With Artists’ projects and now merged with the Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver, Colorado.


Paul Weinrauch on Copyrights

Paul Weinrauch presents a great talk on what photographers need to know about copyrights at the Society for Photographic Education in Denver, Colorado. Recorded in the winter of 2013.


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